Concepts and Misconcepts regarding the Nature of the Oxygen Free-Radicals in the Living Systems

Zs Nagy Imre fotoThe scientific committee of Maillard Reaction & Glycation World Congress 2016 is honoured to welcoming Pr Imre Zs.-Nagy from the University of Debrecen, Faculty of General Medicine, Gerontological Research Group in Hungary to discuss about the concepts and misconcepts regarding the nature of the oxygen free-radicals in the living systems.

This lecture will survey the history of the free-radical research in biological  systems starting from the original concept of D. Harman formed during the late fifties. This original concept has undergone a series of misinterpretations during the subsequent decades, leading to a number of contradictions in the theory and the applications if this idea in biology and medicine. At last a tentative explanation will be presented  on the basis of the real physicochemical properties of the oxygen free-radicals and the macromolecules involved in the biological functions.

If you would like to know more about this presentation, don't hesitate and join us from May 26 to 27 in Budapest for this international meeting.

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