Exercise and brain function: is it redox regulated?

Prof Radak Zsolt

Prof. Zsolt Radak from the University of Physical Education, Budapest, Hungary is invited to present the relations between the regulation of oxidative stress, brain and exercice during Glycation World Congress 2016.

According Pr Radak: "Regular exercise has systemic beneficial effects including the promotion of brain function. The adaptive response to regular exercise includes the up-regulation of the enzymatic antioxidant system, and modulation of oxidative damage. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are important regulators of cell signaling and exercise through activity dependent modulation of metabolism and/or direct activation of ROS generating enzymes, thus, modulating the cellular redox state in the brain. [...] Oxidative alteration of macromolecules, to a moderate degree, can activate signaling processes. Hence, it could be part of the adaptive response to exercise training."