What is the role of RAGE in lens epithelial cell fibrosis?

nagaraj ramPr Ram Nagaraj and his team have recently shown that AGEs present in human lens capsule promote TGFb2-mediated epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) of lens epithelial cells. They have investigated the role of a receptor for AGEs (RAGE) in that process. The study shows RAGE overexpression enhances the TGFb2-mediated EMT responses in lens epithelial cells, but reatment of cells with a RAGE antibody or EN-RAGE (a ligand for RAGE) prior to TGFb2 exposure results in reduction in the EMT response.


These results imply that the interaction of matrix AGEs with RAGE has a role in TGFb2-mediated EMT of lens epithelial cells during secondary cataract formation.

Pr Nagaraj, is professor at department of ophtalmology at University of Colorado School of Medicine, USA. He is one of the guest speaker of the next Glycation World Congress 2016.

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