The scientific committee published the conclusion of Budapest Glycation Congress 2016

Budapest Glycation

The 3rd World Congress Glycation & Maillard Reaction held at Academy of Sciences of Budapest on May 26-27, 2016 was a huge success. Under the presidence of Pr Ladislas Robert, the congress gathered 150 attendees, academics and industrials, coming from Europe, America and Asia.

To access to the final program for Glycation & Maillard Reaction World Congress, please click here.

During the congress, the scientific committee discerned few prestigious awards:

Scientific Contribution Award

Dr Mastrocola is an expert on the field of diet-induced accumulation of Ages and the role in Metabolic Diseases


Raffaella Mastrocola

University of Turin, Italy

Raffaella Mastrocola Glycation 

Scientific Innovation Award

Dr Skhra is an expert on the field of diet-induced accumulation of Ages and the role in Metabolic Diseases.

Recently, a new confocal biomicroscope non-invasively measuring lens autofluorescence and reflecting some AGEs accumulation has been developed. Dr Skhra's pilot study including 180 subjects compared lens autofluorescence and skin autofluorescence assessed by AGE-Reader. Both measurements were significantly higher in patients with diabetes and a significant relationship between lens and skin autofluorescence was observed. Lens autofluorescence could be a robust marker of long-term diabetes control predicting future complication risks. However, confirmation of such hypothesis will need other and long-term clinical studies.


 Jan Skrha 

Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Jan Skhra Glycation

 Short Oral Presentation

Dr Andrej Frolov from Leibniz-Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Germany was awarded for his short oral presentation on Glycation of plant proteins during environmental stress and ageing: methodological approaches, potential mechanisms and biological role.

 Andrej Frolov

 Leibniz-Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Germany 

Frolov Andrej Glycation 

Poster Presentation

Dr Marika Svrčková from Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic was awarded for her poster presentation on Electrocatalytic assay for monitoring methylglyoxal-mediated protein glycation.

To access to her poster presentation, please click here.


Marika Svrčková

Palacký University, Czech Republic

Marika Svrckova Glycation

The pictures of the congress will be published very soon.

On behalf of the scientific committee