The scientific committee awarded Dr Raffaella Mastrocola for her scientific contribution

Raffaella Mastrocola GlycationDr Raffaella Mastrocolla from the Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences at University of Turin, Italy, was awarded during Glycation & Maillard Reaction World Congress for her scientific contribution about the diet-induced accumulation of AGEs contribute to metabolic diseases onset by interfering with SREBP-1c activity.

About Dr Mastrocola and her vision of the congress: "I have completed my PhD on Molecular and Experimental Pathology on 2005 at the University of Turin, Italy, where I have experienced 15 years of research activity which results are published in more than 40 full-length research articles. My research activity has been mainly focused on the role of oxidative stress and advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in the development of chronic complications of diabetes and diet-induced metabolic syndrome in animal models of disease. I am currently exploring the impact of diet-derived AGEs on lipid metabolism through the impairment of different signalling pathways involved in inflammation and antioxidant response in target tissues, thus contributing to obesity and insulin resistance development. The administration to our animal models of effective anti-glycating compounds, as pyridoxamine, allows us to unravel the expanding roles of diet-derived AGEs on metabolism and suggests new preventive strategies for metabolic diseases.

My participation as speaker to the 3rd World Congress on Maillard Reaction and Glycation gave me the opportunity to meet many renowned researchers highly involved in the same research field and have productive discussion with them and validation of the so far obtained results. I have really appreciated the awarding as Best Scientific Contributor that was an unexpected and honourable recognition of my expertise on glycation research and a great stimulus for the future projects."

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